How are gifts given to others?

Some it may be making background and banners and buttons.

Others it may be the gift of friendship.

Will everyone accept your gifts or do they have to return a favor?

To be a gift it must be given willingly and totally free.

Why do some people feel obligated to give something in return?

Can the gifts be given out of absolute pleasure of givng to others?

There should be no obligation to return a gift by the receiver afterwards.

The purpose is to share something special and unique.

Will someone else be hurt because you have given someone a special gift or feel offended because it is different?

When we accepts gifts from others we grow and learn and appreciate whatever it may be through love, kindness, support, friendships, understanding of others. and most of all unconditional love is priceless.

Please accept this gift from me.

The gift of my art and by background made with pleasure.

I ask nothing of you in return.

My joy and happiness is complete in the giving.

The gift of giving can never be given lightly.

It can only be given to you and perhaps a good friend as yourself.

Please feel free to use my backgrounds and accesories.


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