Background created by Allison Katts

Sitting beneath the star one night I wonder what they could respresent?

Are they angels in the sky so far far away?

And who little angels are they?

Are they the small children that never had a chance because of their abuse?

Are they our brothers and sister?

Are they our parents and grandparent?

What do the stars represent in the sky?

How many stars are our children who suffered from illness, from cancer, from HIV?

They were innocent little children who did not stand a chance through abuse from their caretakers

How many of those children still remain in us?

The children that had to grow up so fast and never knew what childhood innocence felt like.

What do the stars in the sky represent?

Are they victim of violence who never made it?

Because of jealousy and the need of people having power and control over them.

If all the stars represented little angel how bright the sky would be.

For every day there is God creation being destroyed through the hands of man.

What star in the night shines so bright ?

The skies are filled with stars which shine so bright.

Can they be little angels shining in the night?

And watching over us.


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