by Allison Katts

Background created by Allison Katts

How many of us suffer this devastating disease called fibromyalgia.

It is a hard to explain cause there are so many symptoms to fibromyalgia .

The background I made does explain how the tides rubble deep with us.

We suffer in silent cause it is so invisible.

Our muscles are tight and so many tender points.

Lots of us also suffer with chronic fatigue along with it.

The biggest thing is forgetting things which is called fibro-fog

We may write ourselves a note in order not to forget but where did we put the note? He he

I distract my pain by making web pages and creating background.

The pain lingers and lingers day after day.

I treasure the days when I am feeling well just to enjoy nature and talk to my friends on the internet.

Until my heart stop hurting from this pain I will suffer in silence day after day

A pain that is so deep and yet so invisible to others.

I have met lots of people in cyberspace who also suffer with fibro

My cyber-friends pull me up from the depth of my despair and shower me with so much.

They help lifted up my spirit into the sky and give me golden wings of hopes to fly

my cyber-friends are like the rain that washes me clean for another day.

And unlock the door to see the light within me so that the darkness won't beckon me in the night

they bring sunlight into my life and help me enjoy this day even with this pain.

we share our pain we laugh about silly things and most of all we love each other as we are.

We may never see their faces and yet feel like I have known them for a lifetime.

What joys cyber-friends can bring into our lives even through their own pain.

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