by Allison Katts


There is a place that I go often and it bring me to very many places which is through cyberspace.

There are all sort of people in cyberspace with cute little nicknames.

Some of them we met once and not again and others we are in contact regularly because we become very close however they may live so very far away and out of hand reach.

We talk with them and laugh and sometimes flirt and become like a child free of stress.

Most of all we send hug and loves, pictures and sometimes shed tear of joy or sadness

We give love in many form to different people just like love for your child is different then love for your brother or sister.

That is how love is given in many different forms.

We cannot hear their voices or see their faces and yet we feel their energy through cyberspace.

Amazingly they are right on our screen as we type away our deepest thought and feeling that we have never shared before and we open our heart to them.

We share our regrets, our scares in our life and our ache or pain from chronic illness which sometime bring tears which releases the pain that we feel.

It is like a miracle and that angels without wings meet in cyberspace like as though we live so very near.

We share love which is made up of little things like a smile :( and thoughtfulness, empathy and kindness which is offered freely from their hearts and bring comfort to our soul.

The best and the most beautiful and treasure things we often cannot see or touch because they are felt deeply from our heart.

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