By Allison Katts

A is for Able to succeed and anything you set your mind to accomplish in life.

B is for Believing that you can achieve your highest dreams and goals.

C is for Committing you to Self-love and determination to achieve your goals.

D is for Developing new skills in coping with everyday stresses.

E is for Educating yourself which will enable you to reach your goals.

F is for Finding a way to reach out for support and god love.

G is for Growing each day from learning about you and others.

H is for Hopes of peace on earth and good will to all men.

I is for Ideas and feeling shared with each other with love and empathy.

J is for Joining hands and sharing with God your thoughts and thanking him.

K is for Knocking out negative thoughts and turning them into positive thoughts.

L is for Love and Laughing which is good for the heart and soul.

M is for Music that the birds sing in the morning by a window when the sun comes out.

N is for Never to give up hopes, and dreams that can be reaching by open doors.

O is for Open your mind to learn about people and lending a helping hand.

P is for Patience and Passion will help you handle difficulties in life.

Q is for Quiet time to yourself and quit putting yourself down because it is not worth it.

R is for Reaching out for comfort, joy and faith in oneself and in others.

S is for Sharing your thoughts and feeling and experiences with another living soul.

T is for Talent that are hidden inside and need to be discovered for your path of life.

U is for Understanding the ill and the elderly with love and compassion in your eyes.

V is for Value each days as though it was your last and love Unconditionally.

W is for Waste no time at reaching your dreams and hopes for your path of life.

X is for X-Ray your deepest thoughts. feelings, and motivation in life to reach your dreams.

Y is for Yellow birds and flowers and the sun that shines so brightly on us.

Z is for Zipping up your negative thoughts and turning them into positive constructive thoughts.

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